User System Requirements Check


LAUNCH was developed for and tested with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) versions 7.0 and higher and Mozilla Firefox version 3.6. For the richest user experience, NCH recommends these browsers. When viewed with other browsers or earlier versions of IE or Firefox, some elements of LAUNCH may not display correctly.
Your browser is not one of the recommended types.


LAUNCH requires your browser to accept cookies, which it uses for session identification and storage of some user preferences.
Your browser is not accepting cookies.


LAUNCH requires your browser to run JavaScript.
Currently, JavaScript is not working.


LAUNCH uses the secure HTTPS protocol over the standard port, 443.
Your browser is supporting access via port 443.

Test Results

Success! Your browser settings meet all technical requirements to successfully run LAUNCH.
Our test indicates that your browser settings do not meet all LAUNCH requirements. Please click here to report these results to the NCH Help Desk (email pre-addressed). Please also be sure to contact your IT support person.